Friday, July 22, 2011

Self Portrait

I am not good at putting the arm up and taking self portraits-- some people are really good at it-- and to be honest some people practice a little too much at it if you know what I mean....

Anyway-- it might be his short arm- or maybe he has just not had enough practice (and hopefully never will)- but check out Carters attempt at a self portrait.  

I think self portraits like these posted all over Facebook would be much more fun to look at.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Playing Catch Up Fave

Maybe these pics will help cool down these hot humid summer days-- our trip to Appalachian in January-- 
Self Portrait

Payten playing in the trees

Posing in the snow-- one of my fave pics

Two of my favorite people in front of one my favorite signs

Just in case you forgot where we were-- a quick reminder

Payten taking pictures

Payten taking another picture

And another picture by Payten-- Joe being sneaky

Guess who took this picture-- you got it -- Carterboo

Another Carter picture

And another Carter pic

Yep we were having fun with the camera

Ice Sculptures in Blowing Rock-- these were really cool! (literally-- ha ha--I crack myself up)

Carter liked them too-- see him taking pictures with his DSI
Just another fun memory-- care of the Brown Family

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Chia

For all of you skeptics **cough cough** Mimi/Poppi ** cough cough**, the Chia Pet is growing hair through its grils mini pads girl's pantyhose.  Although, I think Payten may have to shift the face down or call it a porcupine.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

That Boy!!!

In after school Payten made the "Chia Pet" above.  It is made of girl's panty hose (highlighted because this is important for the rest of the story) wrapped around grass seed and something else for the seeds to grow in--

Anyway tonight Payten pulled it down to water it and to show Mama J-- but before she had a chance to tell Mama J what it was made of her brother chimed in with the following:

"Mama J guess what it's made of-- It's made of "GRIL'S MINI PADS"  (oh and Girl's is not spelled wrong here that is how he says it)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Date Weekend

So I planned an entire date weekend for Joe-- kept all the secrets-- and surprised him with it all (yes I was proud of myself for keeping secrets) -- and I must say he did a great job at going with the flow without knowing a plan-- and for those who know him-- you know that was a great accomplishment for him -- We stayed downtown all weekend.

So want to know what was on the itinerary-- well here you go:

I know what you must be thinking (besides the fact that I am goofy for making an itinerary)-- an Itinerary is a plan right?-- I know it is-- but it was full of hints-- and Joe didn't even try to figure out the hints-- 

But wanna know our favorite part? We went on a Segway tour of Downtown Charlotte care of Queen City Segways-- and even though after hearing the instructions for driving these things I was nervous  regretting my decision to add this to our itinerary-- I actually got pretty good with this machine-- you could say I am a Segway Master now- -kinda like Paul Blart Mall Cop

Anyway-- Joe enjoyed it too-- full of smiles (can't see it in the picture but I promise it was there the whole time-- he was pretty excited and cute about this toy he got to play with)-- 

And I think he was a little proud that I wasn't as wussy nervous as the other girls on our tour. Check out the cool picture I got of downtown-- and yes I took that one handed while styling on my segway-- Yep that's right-- Segway Master right here.  

Ps.  Have I said how wonderful our date was-- not just cause I planned it (ha ha), it was just full of sweetness, love, and time to enjoy each other--definitely on top of the list of great memories (of us)!! (that would be a Keith Urban song reference for those of you that didn't get it-- cause we went to his concert on our date weekend).  K officially rambling-- off to bed now!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011